Why Candles?

I'm not going to be before you long, I just thought that for the first blog post it would only be fitting to tell you why I love candles so much and why I am dedicating a whole website to them (and my poetry).

In the last couple of years I have experienced a slew of ups and downs that have caused bouts of depression and moments of stress and anxiety. In addition to therapy, I researched things I could do to benefit my mental health further.

I found that simple activities like going for a walk or deep breathing can have a tremendous effect on your mental health. As I read more and more about self-care and the importance of creating space for relaxation, I began to realize exactly what I was missing. I went into a frenzy. I created a list of things that I needed to implement to make my space a peaceful and loving one.

One "To Do" on the list was "purchase more candles!". You see, I already had candles that I loved burning for the sole purpose of making my room smell good, buuuutttttt I read the mental health benefits and thought 'Wow, who would have known?' Obviously, not I.

Before I purchased any more candles, I started to light the candles I had with purpose. I started being mindful of how the ambiance changes and how the fragrance makes me feel. Soon, all I had left were a bunch of empty vessels and a craving for more. I felt like the "CHOCOLATE!" guy off Spongebob.

I was intrigued by the effect that candles have on the mood and atmosphere of a room or how a specific candle enhances the ambiance for a specific activity. For instance, a candle that smells like citrus may be best to be lit in the morning because citrus is energizing. While a candle that smells like vanilla and lavender may go best in the evening, tubside for its calming effect. I love it, and I'm not going back.

So welcome. Welcome to my world of candles and self-care. I look to be a positive part of your journey as you will be a part of mine. We're on this wellness journey together. I hope you learn to make space for luxury and relaxation. You deserve it. I know I sure as hell do.